Active Shooter Training And Preperation

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  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • State and Municipal Buildings
  • Federal Buildings
  • Stadiums


TSS recognizes the need for both operational and analytical intelligence operations as a primary mission set, or in direct support tactical operations, at all levels. Our instructor cadre consists of members from various intelligence communities throughout the world e.g. US Special Operations, government, private sector, and foreign intelligence agencies.Our training and operational intelligence services range from the following skillsets.

Some of these courses require higher security clearance. Please inquire for further information.

Human Intelligence HUMINT

This course utilizes methods of gathering intelligence through the use of asset collection for various missions such as counter terrorism, counter narcotics and advance work.

Surveillance/Counter Surveillance

Many tactical operations originate from surveillance; this course encompasses the use of the latest technology in a high threat environment, to the simplest form of fixed or mobile collection methods. Additional courses are also offered in Surveillance Detection.

Sensitive/Tactical Site Exploitation
  • Various SSE/TSE methods are taught ranging from internal and external search methods, to post Direction Action (DA) evidencecollection operations. Examples of individual skillsets are fingerprinting, DNA Collection, narcotics and/or explosive trace detection
  • Surreptitiously Entry/ Collection
  • Data Collection/Processing
  • Clandestine Methlab Operations